Property Management

“Our property management team concentrates on providing exceptional, highly personalized service with a focus on cultivating partnerships with our clients, rather than traditional landlord-tenant relationships. They are the people our clients depend on every day to keep the fires burning, so to speak, so they can concentrate on running their own businesses.”

– Jordan Arriaga | President of Operations and Property Management

In addition to developing new properties, Worth & Associates is dedicated to exceeding the expectations and needs of tenants in our existing properties, after the lease is signed. Providing outstanding property management is Job One.

Property management is not a passive enterprise. It takes laser-like focus, unfailing responsiveness, clear communication, and expansive operational expertise. In a sense, our property managers are the lifeblood of our business. Every day, they come to work with one goal: client satisfaction.

The members of our team are veterans of the industry, with 70-plus years of combined experience. They are adept at maintaining properties, anticipating tenants’ needs, heading off problems before they occur, and resolving issues promptly. Our managers love what they do, and it shows.

Some of Worth & Associates’ properties have on-site property management offices, so tenants have “eyes on” our staff whenever they need assistance. But even those that don’t always have direct, immediate access to the most reactive management team in the business. Many of our clients say the quality of our property management teams is one of the most positive aspects of leasing from us.


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